Tuesday, 11 May 2010

As I walked on coals of fire

30th April, Glastonbury, 10 pm, and I’m ON the bed of glowing coals and walking slowly across. This is to overcome fear, brush away life’s cobwebs and affirm what one CAN DO in life. Symbolically I felt this fiery ground represented one’s ascendant-descendent axis. The Moon was conjunct Antares, the baleful Heart of the Scorpion (within a degree), in adventurous Sagittarius was just crossing my descendent and it was in trine to Mars, which in fiery Leo was transiting my Mercury. Venus was on my Ascendent so this was something about being a woman and getting beyond fear.

The next day was May Day, 1st May and would be a day that I danced with the Green Man, sang with the Devil, drank beer with the May queen - and walked up Glastonbury Tor. I do recommend being in Glastonbury on May Day. When I went back at school, I, as head of year, had chosen the theme word ‘Euphoria’ for that week. So, each day the assembly of the Academy where I work had some experience of this e.g. when one teacher parachuted out of a plane. The picture of me fire-walking was shown, and soon the kids were saying, ‘Miss, you’re really a sick Gangsta!’

I’m grateful to Max and Lisa two of my pals from the old Rainbow Circle astrology camp for inviting me – and choosing such a wonderful time with Moon conjunct Antares trine Mars. Also my natal Uranus conjunct Pluto (1966) was on the MC of the event chart.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Hot Alex

For May Day weekend, I made my way to Glastonbury to--wait for it--walk on hot coals. It just seemed like such a primeval thing to do--and very appropriate for Beltane. Anyway, here's what it looked like before the fire:

Here it is burning:

Here is the path, ready for walking:

And me:

If you'd like to go firewalking, I highly recommend that you contact my friends Max and Lisa at:
Wizard Well Being

And now, in honour of Beltane a little Mars conjunct Saturn in 8th house joke:
A man goes to a doctor and is interviewed by a female consultant.
"What's the problem?" she asks.
"I can't tell you," he said.
"Why not?"
"Oh, you'll just laugh like everyone else."
"Look," she says, "I'm a professional. I've seen everything and in my 20 years in the medical profession, I have never laughed."
"OK," the man says, pulling down his trousers and pants. He turned to the nurse, revealing the smallest penis she had ever seen. It was about the size of a AAA battery. The female consultant felt the corners of her mouth twitch, then she completely lost control. She threw her head back and roared with laughter.
"I'm so sorry!" she said between guffaws. "I don't know what came over me. What's the problem?"
He said: "It's swollen!"